Appraisal Practices Board Valuation Advisories

Valuation Advisories, issued by the Appraisal Practices Board (APB), are documents that offer voluntary guidance on recognized valuation methods and techniques.  For more information on the APB, click here


Adopted Valuation Advisories

The following Valuation Advisories have been adopted by the APB.


Valuation Advisories Under Development

The following Valuation Advisories are currently under development:

  • Valuation of Green and High Performance Property – Commercial, Multifamily and Institutional
  • Valuation for Financial Reporting (VFR):
    • VFR Work Group 3:  Control Premiums for Financial Reporting
    • VFR Work Group 4:  Valuing Contingent Consideration  

For more information on these Valuation Advisories or the work of the APB, please contact Staci Steward at