Personal Property Resource Panel

In order to effectively raise the profile of the Personal Property discipline from the perspective of The Appraisal Foundation, expert advice and resources are necessary to help the Board of Trustees of The Appraisal Foundation  successfully reach out to these constituents.  The institution of the Personal Property Resource Panel (PPRP) will enhance the work and overall profile of The Appraisal Foundation as a multi-disciplinary organization, as well as help to associate the Personal Property discipline with The Appraisal Foundation’s mission to maintain and enhance the public trust in the valuation profession.

The Personal Property Resource Panel provides a permanent forum for assembling representatives from diverse backgrounds of personal property profession, so that The Appraisal Foundation’s Board of Trustees: 
  • Has a centralized ongoing facility for communication with representatives of the personal property discipline; and 
  • Benefits from information, advice and recommendations developed by the Resource Panel on issues relevant to the discipline.

For more information, check out Resources for Personal Property Appraisers.

Current PPRP Members

The PPRP is currently composed of 12 members (listed below) who are elected to the panel and includes those currently serving on The Appraisal Foundation's Boards. 

Betty Krulik, Chair  

William Engel, ViceChair
Charles Rosoff 
  Betty Krulik Fine Art, Ltd

  Strategic Asset Management
  Appraisal Services Associates
Paul Golubovs   AA&A Appraisal Service
Mark Cartwright
  Gemologically Speaking 
Leatrice Eagle    Eagle Associates LLC
Deborah Spanierman    DGS Fine Art Consultants, Inc
David Kinney   USAppraisal, LLC 
Joseph Ruzicka
  Rose Arts 
Michael McCullough   Pearlstein & McCullough LLP
Tracy Dopko   Daventry Appraisal Services
Alex Ruden   Southeast Appraisal
Meredith Meuwly   Board of Trustees Liaison

For any questions please contact Jalin Debeuneure.


Resource Panel Application

The Personal Property Resource Panel (PPRP) applications are currently closed.

Brochures Related to the PPRP



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