Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Courses

Since its inception, The Appraisal Foundation (Foundation) has worked to foster professionalism in appraising by establishing, improving, and promoting the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 recognizes USPAP as the generally accepted real property appraisal standards and requires USPAP compliance for appraisers in federally related transactions. Federal, state, and local agencies, appraisal services, and many professional appraisal organizations require compliance with USPAP.

7 Hour; 15 Hour; USPAP Courses



  2016-17 15-Hour USPAP Courses

 15-Hour National USPAP Course (Real Property)  
 15-Hour Personal Property USPAP Course
 15-Hour Business Appraisal USPAP Course

  2016-17 7-Hour USPAP Courses

 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course (Real Property)  
 7-Hour USPAP Update Course for Mass Appraisal
 7-Hour USPAP Update Course for Personal Property

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Who has to take USPAP?

Real property appraisers are required to take the 15-Hour National USPAP Course (or its equivalent) to obtain a state credential. Once credentialed, all real property appraisers must take the 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course (or its equivalent) once every two calendar years. The seven hour course focuses on changes to USPAP.

Foundation Appraisal Sponsors who confer personal property designations must implement the minimum personal property qualifications, or the Personal Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria. These Criteria include USPAP requirements. For details, please review the Personal Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria booklet. 

The Foundation has other discipline specific and USPAP-related courses listed in the chart to the left that may be required by membership organizations, local, state, or federal agencies. These courses are available for several appraisal disciplines, including: Business Valuation, Personal Property, Mass Appraisal, and Real Property. Please contact your educational provider for a schedule of course offerings. 

Can I take USPAP online or in the classroom?

The Foundation has classroom and online versions of the real property USPAP Courses available for purchase. The Foundation and McKissock, a leading developer of computer-based education, have partnered again to develop online versions of the real property

version of the 2016-17 15-Hour National USPAP Course and 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course. The 2016-17 online National USPAP courses are currently available. Education providers interested in offering the Foundation's online National USPAP Courses should contact Cathy Southwell at cathy.southwell@mckissock.com or 800-328-2008 ext. 220 for additional information.  

The classroom versions of the National USPAP Courses are currently available. Education providers have the option of purchasing classroom course material or entering into a License Agreement with the Foundation to receive electronic copies of the course to reproduce on their own. For information on offering the National USPAP courses, please contact Mavis Kleso at mavis@appraisalfoundation.org. To order print copies of the National USPAP Course Student Manual or USPAP document, please visit the Foundation store

Please note some state regulatory agencies may not allow USPAP to be taken online. Be sure to check with your state appraisal regulatory agency for details. 

Can I develop my own USPAP course?

Education providers interested in developing their own equivalent versions of the USPAP Course should visit our USPAP Equivalent Course webpage for more information.