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Podcast Episodes

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Aspiring Appraisers
Aspiring Appraisers
Date  Name
 June 1, 2021
Can you help me find a supervisor?
 June 7, 2021
How can I get the University of Georgia approved in the Degree Review Program?
 July 5, 2021
Can I get an exception so I don't have to find a supervisor?
 September 13, 2021
How do I become an appraiser?
 December 13, 2021
Do you have any special resources for aspiring appraisers who are veterans?
 January 31, 2022
Are there any grants or scholarships available to become an appraiser?
 June 13, 2022
What coursework can be taken in lieu of a college degree?
 July 18, 2022
How do I log appraisals without a traditional client?
 August 15, 2022
Can I assist an appraiser before I obtain a trainee license?
 September 6, 2022
If I fail the national test three times, the state requires me to wait six months before I retest. Is that an AQB requirement and, if so, why?
 September 26, 2022
Which of my courses from Texas A&M apply towards my appraisal license?
 October 3, 2022
What does it mean if a trainee signs a form?
 October 31, 2022
I am preparing to take the National Exam to become a Certified Residential appraiser. How should I study?
 January 30, 2023
Is the appraisal profession growing? What is attracting people to the appraisal profession?
 February 13, 2023
Is there a maximum length of time for you to complete your education?
 April 24, 2023
Do my trainee hours ever expire?
 May 30, 2023
What is practicum?
 September 25, 2023
How can we get more veterans involved in the appraisal profession?
Business Valuation
Date  Name
July 19, 2021
What is a business valuation?
March 14, 2022
When can a business valuation be used in litigation?
March 27, 2023
How do I know what level of appraisal service I need?
Date  Name
April 5, 2021
Is the value estimate I see on sites such as Zillow or Redfin the same estimate I would get if I hired an appraiser to appraise my home?
May 3, 2021
What is The Appraisal Foundation doing to combat discrimination and build public trust?
May 1, 2021
Is an AVM an appraisal?
May 12, 2021
As a consumer, what do I need to understand if an appraised value is lower than my offer?
June 28, 2021
What are the different types of appraisals?
July 26, 2021
When do I need to get an appraisal?
August 30, 2021
I paid for an appraisal and then I had to use a different lender. The appraiser is refusing to transfer the appraisal report to my new lender, can they do that?
September 27, 2021
Can an appraiser call me, the buyers agent, without authority from the client, and discuss the appraisal?
October 25, 2021
What is a mass appraiser and how is that different from real property appraisal?
November 8, 2021
How long is an appraisal opinion valid for?
December 20, 2021
Do you have any resources I can share with clients to help them learn about the appraisal process?
January 18, 2022
Why does a client's intended use of an appraisal matter to the appraiser?
January 24, 2022
What does an appraiser look at when developing an opinion of value?
February 28, 2022
How does an appraiser appraise a property if it is a duplex?
March 21, 2022
What is an extraordinary assumption?
April 25, 2022
How does an appraiser appraise a property?
May 16, 2022
Can just anyone use the term 'appraiser'?
May 23, 2022
What does a home's sales price mean as it relates to its market value?
May 31, 2022
How do I find a Yellow Book appraiser?
July 11, 2022
Can I provide an appraiser with a comparable sale?
August 8, 2022
Is it true that VA appraisals require the home to meet minimum property requirements?
September 12, 2022
My lender requires the appraiser come in person to my home, and I don't want them to. Can you give me some direction?
October 11, 2022
When appraisers pick comps, do they mainly consider how similar the features of the house are to the subject property house?
October 24, 2022
What is an appraiser valuing when they do an appraisal on my home?
December 5, 2022
What kind of appraiser do I call who can appraise a property that allows for both residential and commercial?
January 17, 2023
How can I confirm that an individual is a Certified General Appraiser?
March 6, 2023
How does an appraiser select comps?
April 3, 2023
What are seller concessions and how do they relate to the appraisal process?
April 10, 2023
I often hear appraisers use the term 'drive comps.' What does that mean?
May 1, 2023
Can a borrower be an intended user of an appraisal report?
May 15, 2023
An appraiser says a provided comp is land plus cost paid to the builder. What does that mean?
August 7, 2023
Is there a timeline for how long an appeal of an appraisal should take?
August 21, 2023
What is an appraiser?
September 4, 2023
Who is the intended user?
Current Appraisers
Date  Name
May 10, 2021
Supported vs. Unsupported Conclusions
May 24, 2021
Why is USPAP on a two year cycle?
June 14, 2021
Do I have to take the USPAP update course every two years?
July 12, 2021
How do I pick comps for a FHA appraisal?
August 9, 2021
What are some of the benefits of serving as a supervisor for a trainee appraiser?
August 23, 2021
How did we wind up with the different credentials residential appraisers have today?
October 4, 2021
How do I find a USPAP course?
October 12, 2021
Does Dodd-Frank prohibit trainees from inspecting a property solo for a lender?
October 18, 2021
How does an appraiser define a bedroom?
November 1, 2021
Does USPAP address an office manager accepting appraisal assignments on behalf of the appraiser?
November 15, 2021
How do I go from licensed residential to certified residential?
January 3, 2022
I used to have a license, and need to get it back, can you help?
January 10, 2022
Does it violate USPAP for the client or the builder to submit additional comparable sales?
February 14, 2022
What is required of me if I want to become a supervisor?
March 7, 2022
I think a lender has given me questionable assignment conditions. Where can I go to understand if they are violations of USPAP?
May 2, 2022
What do I need to do to stay USPAP certified?
May 9, 2022
My client, a bank, wants to assign my appraisal report to another bank. I know that I cannot re-assign an appraisal report, but can the client bank send my appraisal to another bank?
June 6, 2022
A property is having a second garage built. The lender wants me to value the property without the new improvements. Can I do that?
June 21, 2022
Are the valuation standards the same across VA, FHA and conventional loans?
July 5, 2022
Is it unethical for a real estate agent to intentionally change the list price of a property in the MLS in an attempt to influence the appraiser?
August 29, 2022
What does it mean to be competent?
October 17, 2022
What is the difference between subjectivity and objectivity?
November 30, 2022
Special Episode with Scott Reuter on analyzing market conditions
December 12, 2022
Where does it state an appraiser has to have a license to complete FRTs?
December 19, 2022
A lender wants a reinspection done on a home. Is this a new assignment?
January 3, 2023
How does USPAP define market value?
January 23, 2023
Is it possible for an inspection to expire?
February 6, 2023
Do I need a new engagement letter to add a borrower?
February 21, 2023
Can an appraiser critique my appraisal without doing an official appraisal review?
February 27, 2023
If I want to change something in a report that I already delivered, how do I best do that?
March 13, 2023
Would an appraiser that performs an eminent domain appraisal that either ignores or is unaware of relevant eminent domain case law be in violation of the Competency Rule of USPAP?
March 20, 2023
Can a realtor also be an appraiser?
April 17, 2023
Do advisory opinions carry the same weight as standards?
May 22, 2023
How is conducting an appraisal for a GSE different from completing an appraisal for a federally related transaction?
June 20, 2023
Does the government have appraisers?
July 18, 2023
Would you be able to speak about the Yellow Book as it relates to eminent domain and partial acquisitions?
July 24, 2023
Do you believe there will continue to be a need for real estate appraisers in the real estate industry?
July 31, 2023
Is it a conflict of interest to do a private appraisal valuation on a property for a fee and then list the property as the listing broker later on?
September 11, 2023
Can you verify that this person is certified as a USPAP instructor?
September 18, 2023
How do I know if I can appraise a property, with a license, if a property may have a value near the $1,000,000 mark?