What Every Homebuyer Should Know About Appraisals

This consumer education module titled “What Every Homebuyer Should Know About an Appraisal” is geared for first-time home buyers.  The Appraisal Foundation developed this program to assist presenters of first-time homebuyer education classes around the country.  It includes vital information and resources for consumers on what an appraisal entails, how an appraiser determines value, and how to interpret an appraisal report. 

Understanding the appraisal process is critical, and The Appraisal Foundation is dedicated to providing useful and practical information to first-time homebuyers. 

Click here  or on the image to view a series of video clips developed for consumers on the Homebuying Process.

Homebuyer Module Components

Instructors of homebuyer seminars can draw upon these resources to assist in developing their seminars and presentations. Resources available include a PowerPoint presentation for homebuyers with a corresponding trainer’s guide, a video presentation by Board members of The Appraisal Foundation to actual consumers, as well as additional resources. 

PowerPoint Presentation
New Home Buyer Trainer's Guide
New Home Buyer Link to 22-Minute Video

All of the information contained in this module is a product of and copyrighted by The Appraisal Foundation. If repurposed, appropriate recognition should be given to the Foundation. If you have questions about the module, please contact Amy Timmerman at [email protected] .

Handouts and Other Information

The following items are available for use in Homebuyer seminars:

Why Engage a Professional Appraiser
A brochure developed by The Appraisal Foundation that outlines the elements of a professional appraiser (for all property types). 

Common Myths about Appraisals in the Home Buying Process - Borrowers Version 
To review common myths and facts about the appraisal process designed specifically for borrowers.

A Guide to Understanding a Residential Appraisal

A comprehensive brochure developed by The Appraisal Foundation to educate consumers on valuation as it relates to the residential mortgage lending process.